Madina Malahayati Chumaera

renaissance woman


Madina Malahayati Chumaera is a 22-year-old computer science undergraduate in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her interests lie in the intersection between the humanities and sciences.She currently holds the position of Managing Editor at Kudeta Magazine.Her book, CONTACT LIGHT: the void inside and out was published by Gramedia Pustaka Utama in October 2017. Originally written as her IB MYP Personal Project, it is a collection of prose and poetry revolving around the concept of the human brain, outer space, and connection between them.Her self-published chapbook IF I'M NOT A FIRE THEN WHAT AM I, a collection of selected writings from 2015-2019, was released in June 2020.She has been published in VICE Indonesia, Kill Your Darlings, and Asian American Writers' Workshop, among others.

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Works & Publications

BOOKS / CONTACT LIGHT: the void inside and out (gramedia pustaka utama, october 2017) / if i'm not a fire then what am i (self-published, june 2020)LITERARY / on humaintain / MUSLIMS ARE NOT REAL PEOPLE (rambutan literary, june 2016) / girls your age (rambutan literary, june 2016, & reprinted in shared horizons, april 2018) / churning waters (READABLE VERSION) (vice indonesia, january 2018) / hymn for kemarau (kudeta magazine, february 2018) / FLINCH (kudeta magazine, september 2018) / to pawn a longing (part of aaww’s transpacific literary project & tr. of annisa savitri’s menukar rindu, may 2019) / AXIAL TILT (liminality mag, june 2019) / a bahasa i don't own (part of kill your darlings' 2019 indonesia showcase in collaboration with UWRF, july 2019) / the ayat tree & other poems (part of intersastra's unrepressed series & tr. of ebi langkung's poetry, oct 2019) / before old age & other poems (intersastra, & tr. of abdee wahab's poetry, may 2020) / A FIELD GUIDE ON LIVING THROUGH THE END TIMES* (kudeta magazine, june 2020) / The Crow[s] and The Blue Panchax (Or, the Three-Eyed Fish) (chogwa, & tr. of erni aladjai's Gagak dan Ikan Mata Tiga, june 2020) / Malahayati (violet, indigo, blue etc., november 2022)OTHERS / illustration: lets meet again (werkloos mag, may 2016) / the tumblr poetry aesthetic, or: the stars, the sea, icarus, dark suburbia, and the (un)intentional pandering and ungrowth of the well-established (epoch, july 2017) / on the studyblr aesthetic & capitalism + dark academia criticism (feb 2020) / a guide on thrifting in indonesia (and some thoughts on sustainability) (june 2020)ZINES / all of this is dead and gone (january 2016) / O2 is dropping (march 2016) / WHAT A RIOT (august 2016) / i want to be better this time (july 2018)/these are selected works. click here for the full list.


EMPLOYMENT / managing editor at kudeta magazineMEMBERSHIP / anggota muda dibawah himpunan penerjemah indonesiaWORKSHOPS & MENTORSHIPS / mentee at winter tangerine's online summer writing workshop (2016) / mentee at venus magazine's summer poetry workshop, under christina im (2017) / participant of jakarta international literary festival's LES: translation workshop, under anton kurnia & rahartati bambang (2019)HONORS / 1st place winner for komunitas salihara's 2018 comparative literature critique competition for high school students, comparing oereog & jalan tak ada ujung

Mentions & Press

- sleek new magazine showcases southeast asian writers & artists (the review review, summer 2016)
- featured writer, genetics & neuroscience series: madina malahayati (bioliterary, october 2017)
- new poetry book ‘contact light’ connects human experience with science, outer space (the jakarta globe, october 2017)
- is indonesian literature written in english still indonesian literature? (the jakarta globe, april 2018)
- what 10 books looked like before the final cover (electric literature, july 2018)
- melebur manusia dan semesta lewat puisi madina (, august 2018)